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The Spirit Of The Beehive revives Max Headroom in the video for “Twenty First Road Trip”

The Spirit Of The Beehive (Photo: Emily Burtner)
The Spirit Of The Beehive (Photo: Emily Burtner)

Philadelphia’s The Spirit Of The Beehive has always had a psych-rock twinge to it, even back when it was predominantly focused on shoegaze. But on Pleasure Suck, the band’s Tiny Engines debut coming March 24, the band largely abandons this, giving itself to its more out-there inclinations. The video for “Twenty First Road Trip,” which was made by Federico Casanova and we’re premiering today, is proof. The video is a triptych of styles, starting as a wall of sound, dipping into a freak-folk midsection, and resolving around an agit-punk ruckus. The video mirrors these movements, with Max Headroom jumping in the middle, and offering an impressionistic image of a band that’s becoming progressively less tethered to any one genre.

Pre-orders for Pleasure Suck are available now.

The Spirit Of The Beehive Spring Tour

3/16—Bard College—Hudson Valley, NY
3/17—Eternal Slumber Party—Amherst, MA
3/18—Sunnyvale—Brooklyn, NY
3/19—Platypus Manor—Baltimore, MD
3/20—Crayola House—Harrissonburg, VA
3/21—Radioshack House—Raleigh, NC
3/22—Hellraiser Haus—Greensboro, NC
3/23—Horse N Stable—Atlanta, GA
3/24—The Wolf’s Den—Tallahassee, FL
3/25—Saturn Bar—New Orleans, LA
3/26—Satellite Bar—Houston, TX
3/27—Cheer Up Charlies—Austin, TX
3/28—Ventura—San Antonio, TX
3/30—TBA—El Paso, TX
3/31—TBA—Tucson, AZ
4/1—Che Cafe—San Diego, CA
4/2—VLHS—Pomona, CA
4/3—Funzone—Santa Barbara, CA
4/4—TBA—San Jose, CA
4/5—El Rio—San Francisco, CA
4/6—Classic Cars West—Oakland, CA
4/7—Blackwater—Portland, OR
4/8—The Progressive Library—Bellingham, WA
4/9—The Wormhole—Seattle, WA
4/10—Track House Collective—Olympia, WA
4/11—The Joe Below—Missoula, MT
4/12—Chairea House—Bozeman, MT
4/13—High Note Cafe—Boise, ID
4/14—Diabolical Records—Salt Lake City, UT
4/15—Backspace—Denver, CO
4/16—Lucy’s—Omaha, NE
4/18—Replay Lounge—Kansas City, MO
4/19—The Nest—St. Louis, MO
4/20—Blips and Chitz—Champaign, IL
4/21—Quarters—Milwaukee, WI
4/22—Subterranean—Chicago, IL
4/23—Lincoln House—Ann Arbor, MI
4/24—Mahall’s—Cleveland, OH
4/25—96e—Columbus, OH
4/26—Mr. Roboto Project—Pittsburgh, PA
4/27—Carpetland—State College, PA
4/28—TBA—Philadelphia, PA

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