Photo: MJ Kim/Spice Girls LLP (Getty Images)

In news that would make a lot more sense, had we all somehow fallen into a time warp back to the mid-1990s, Variety reports that the Spice Girls might be about to get their own animated superhero movie. Apparently capitalizing around the recent interest in the (squashed, reportedly) hopes for a big reunion tour from the superstar girl group, all five members of the band have apparently signed on to have their likenesses and voices used for a Girl Power-themed superhero film.

Variety is reporting all of this from an anonymous source—and there are no deals in place with any animation studios yet—so it’s possible that this is project is less of a sure thing, and more of a wannabe. (See what we did there?) Still, the quintet’s last film project, Spice World, was a certified box office hit—making $100 million on a meager $25 million budget back in 1997—so maybe this idea isn’t as crazy as it sounds. (To be clear: It still sounds pretty damn crazy.)