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The Sopranos is getting its own fan convention

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The Sopranos, the alpha and omega of an entire generation of prestige TV, will celebrate its 20th anniversary this fall at SopranosCon, which, well, is exactly what it sounds like. Time Immemorial, Famous Signs and Michael Mota are behind the convention, which will gather together a whole gaggle of the show’s cast members when it convenes November 23 and 24 at New Jersey’s (aptly named) Meadowlands Exposition Center.

Tony Sirico (Paulie “Walnuts”), Federico Castelluccio (Furio Giunta), Vincent Pastore (“Big Pussy”), Vincent Curatola (Johnny “Sack”), and David Proval (Richie Aprile) will be just a few of the wise guys on hand, though a press release promises over 30 supporting cast members as well. It’s also said to be “visually inspired by the Feast of Elzéar, which played a notable role in the sixth season episode “The Ride.” Will there be ziti? There better fuckin’ be.

“In a nutshell, this is The Sopranos meets New York Comic Con. However, our event is going to be much more than pictures, autographs, and vendors,” says Time Immemorial’s Daniel Trader, whose Instagram page is said to boast “the largest Sopranos fan network on social media.” He and the organizers promise food, drink, music, comedy, and “show-related businesses” that showcase New Jersey’s Italian culture, as well as fan art galleries, Q&As, trivia, games, and other activities.


Pick up tickets here.

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