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The Sonic trailer's been recut with the speedy blue hedgehog as you've always known him

When the, let’s say, long-awaited trailer for Sonic The Hedgehog premiered last month, it must have felt a bit like a finger had closed on the Monkey’s Paw for fans of Sega’s long-running and oft-beleaguered video game series. Finally, they had the live-action version of the supersonic critter they’d been clamoring for, but, alas, they could not bear to look upon the cursed, haunting visage of the terrible beast the trailer had on offer.

These fans recoiled in horror and attempted to wish away what they had seen of this Sonic with his nightmare legs and horrid, human teeth. Once more their wish was granted, but at a terrible price: fans will have to wait until next year to watch James Marsden watch Jim Carrey devour the scenery. (Oh, and all that extra VFX work is probably going to be absolute hell on the crew.)

But, it is not all ironic curses for Sonic fans. Unable to wait for the studio version, YouTube animator Artur Baranov has gone ahead and made a re-animated version of the trailer, which you can see above. It works pretty well! The look is probably a little rougher than the official Paramount version will be, but certainly Sonic no longer looks like a guy in onesie pajamas who has invested either too much or not enough into veeners. For fans, it’ll have to do until February 14, 2020, when they’ll be able to take their Valentine’s dates to see a proper blue hedgehog in running shoes like God intended.


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