Son Of Zorn

Son Of Zorn understandably spends a lot of its time on Jason Sudeikis’ larger-than-life cartoon warrior, but its title character—Johnny Pemberton’s Alangulon—has his fair share of problems, too. Admittedly, most of those are caused by his boisterous pater familias, as in this exclusive clip from tomorrow night’s episode, in which “Alan” tries to bring some cool new friends back to his dad’s apartment.

And while their angry declarations that “Hummus sucks!” suggests maybe these aren’t, in fact, the coolest teens—who recognize a good source of protein when they see it—it’s still not okay for a giant warrior to offer to be their “Party Elf” or punch them in the arm. Still, even if Alan’s friends don’t stick around, at least he learns some valuable lesson about himself, and the well-known aphrodisiac qualities of Blues Traveler’s classic Live On The Rocks. Son Of Zorn airs on Fox on Sunday nights at 8:30 Eastern.