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Illustration for article titled The soap opera that is Black Flag sees Ron Reyes claim Greg Ginn threatened his family

Coming as a surprise to no one who’s been following the unending stream of Black Flag news over the past year, the recently fired Ron Reyes has now claimed that founding guitarist Greg Ginn threatened Reyes’ family prior to letting him go. The allegation comes from a recent interview Reyes did with Beatroute, which also claims that, due to a rather unfortunate contract, Reyes won’t be getting paid for any of the touring he did with the band throughout the last year, seeing as he was only locked-in for the purposes of recording the much-maligned What The…


Ginn has yet to respond to these allegations, but given that he’s been loudly vocal during all the previously tumult–which included him losing his lawsuit against the competing FLAG–it’s likely just a matter of time before he makes some sort of statement, one that will allow the daytime soap-worthy drama of Black Flag to continue without reprieve. At this point, even the band’s apology for its lousy year isn’t enough to make up for the amount of times the world has had to read “Greg Ginn responds…” in headlines, while fans with now-regrettable tattoos set back their “___ Days Since Catty Black Flag News” clocks, cross their fingers, and wait.

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