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Listen, everybody: The Snowpiercer TV adaptation is going to be on TV eventually. We’re not totally sure when, and there’s some question about where, but it is going to be on TV at some point and on some network. We’ve been covering this for three years, and we’ve had to do so many gosh darn train puns in these headlines that we’ve repeated ourselves several times, but there will be a day when we can actually turn on our TVs, grab a brick of roach jelly, and settle in for a viewing of the show about the snowy train and the untenable class-based divisions.


The latest development, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, is that Snowpiercer is moving from TBS to TNT, which is where it was initially set to air up until a few months ago. The switch to TBS always did seem weird, since it typically presents itself as a comedy network, but now Snowpiercer has looped back around through the proverbial New Year’s Eve tunnel (that’s a thing that happens in the movie) and returned back home to TNT. The Hollywood Reporter story says WarnerMedia still wants to put more dramas on TBS, but after seeing “this incredible post-apocalyptic sci-fi series in its entirety,” TNT and TBS president Kevin Reilly decided that it would “perform strongest on TNT.”

So, to recap: Snowpiercer will now air on TNT, which is where it was supposed to air in the first place, but the first of its two seasons won’t premiere until sometime next year—barring another weird mishap.

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