We all know that The Smurfs movie was insidious in its relentless, pro-immigrant agenda, encouraging children to root for our nation being overrun by little blue people who refuse to speak proper English. And while the above image from the upcoming Smurfs sequel may suggest that the producers have finally taken steps toward redressing that, by at last introducing some little white people to stem this blue tide, you will be dismayed to learn that, no, these little white people are actually meant to be villains.

Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Brave American, according to Liberal Elitist Namby-Pamby Hollywood, these poor white creatures go by the shaming name of "The Naughties," and their entire purpose is to "cause trouble" for the blue people on behalf of their creator, Gargamel, who only wants to escape from France and find the freedom that country so loathes. Oh sure, the Smurfs producers may try to convince you that The Naughties are "basically clay gray," or confuse you with the fact that black actor J.B. Smoove voices Hackus, the character on the right, alongside Christina Ricci's Vexy. But you and I know better, don't we?


[via Entertainment Weekly]