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The Smiths reunion rumors embark on triumphant comeback tour

Ending the torturous absence when fans had all but given up on ever hearing them again, the rumors of a Smiths reunion have made a triumphant return, touring the world in a flurry of articles and Internet gossip to a rapturously receptive audience. While some longtime listeners may say this latest Smiths reunion rumor circuit lacked some of the energy of previous incarnations—particularly the infamous $75 Million Tour That Morrissey Doesn't Need, Thanks—diehards were nevertheless gratified to hear slightly new spins on classic hits like "Article From Obscure Music Site Quoting An Unnamed 'Source'," "Dubious Reason For Finally Caving (The Stone Roses Inspired Us)," and of course, "Exasperated Denial From Johnny Marr," a brief but effective number that has long served as the tour's closer. For those who missed The Smiths reunion rumors on this go-around, don't worry; a "source" tells us they're already planning appearances next year.


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