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The Smiths are in the process of shutting down Peanuts mashup site This Charming Charlie

The long arm of The Smiths has come down hard on This Charming Charlie, the Tumblr that mashed up Peanuts cartoons with Smiths lyrics. The site says its been receiving missives from the band’s licensing company, Universal Music Publishing Group, asking that the site take down individual posts because, apparently, posting lyrical snippets online isn’t legal. So take notice, writers of Instant Messenger away messages and Twitter bios.

So far, the site’s removed six different posts, and is receiving requests from UMPG almost hourly about others. This Charming Charlie’s creators advise fans to save copies of the comics to their own computers, and say that, though they wish Morrissey and Johnny Marr were “a bit more understanding,” they’re glad the site had its moment in the sun.


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