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For those who often wish that Jane Fonda’s 1960s sci-fi sex romp Barbarella didn’t star Jane Fonda, took itself far more seriously, and went on way, way longer, you may soon have that wish granted with Barbarella: The TV Series. The new, less campy and no-longer-of-its-time Barbarella was first announced last summer as a project from Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn, who signed on to lend his knack for hyper-stylization to another retro B-movie affair, this time in which machines are fetishized to the point of being actual orgasm boxes. He’ll now have some help from Skyfall writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, who will apply their own history of reimagining mod icons and coming up with things for sexy ladies to do to the similarly reimagined Barbarella, which, depending on which network airs it, will presumably have to drop all the gratuitous sex and nudity and maybe even make sense sometimes. As of now, there’s still no confirmation of exactly who will be airing the Barbarella series, and thus no indication of whether it’s going to be totally pointless.


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