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The Singled Out reboot will encompass “all genders and sexual preferences”

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If you were drunk and in college in the vicinity of Burbank, California in the mid-‘90s, you were probably on Singled Out, MTV’s Guess Who?-style dating show of yore. You remember it: Pre-Nerdist Chris Hardwick hosted the series beneath a severe middle part, while co-host Jenny McCarthy picked her nose and put her butt on people, which was funny because supermodels aren’t supposed to do that. Matches were sent to Catalina Island, never to be seen again.


Until now! We previously announced that short-form content machine Quibi would be rebooting the series for the modern age, and today we have more details. Hustlers actor and TV host Keke Palmer will share hosting duties with comedian Joel Kim Booster, and the show will distinguish itself by tailoring it to the social media age. “Reflective of today’s dating landscape, where everyone is connected, the series will bring online dating to life with a twist—the main dater is linked to the pool of diverse singles through social media,” reads a press release.

More interestingly, Singled Out will take after another MTV show, Are You The One?, by folding “all genders and sexual preferences” into its matchmaking shenanigans.


The 20-episode reboot launches on Quibi this spring. If you, like most people, are wondering what the hell Quibi is, peruse this list and marvel at its endless deluge of celebs.

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