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The Simpsons short Maggie Simpson in "Playdate With Destiny" crawls onto Disney+ tomorrow

Illustration for article titled iThe Simpsons/i short iMaggie Simpson in Playdate With Destiny /icrawls onto Disney+ tomorrow
Image: Disney+

Disney+ and The Simpsons creator Matt Groening have an infant-sized surprise for fans during these especially dark times. Starting tomorrow, the rapidly expanding platform will begin streaming Maggie Simpson in “Playdate With Destiny”, a short tale about the most put-together member of the Simpsons clan. Disney+ posted a handwritten note from Groening and the “hard-working animators, man” announcing the film.

Here’s the official synopsis, per a recent release:

The film begins on a day that seemed like just another day at the park for Maggie Simpson. But when Maggie faces playground peril, a heroic young baby whisks her from danger — and steals her heart. After a blissful first playdate, Maggie can’t wait to see her new baby beau again the following day, but things don’t go exactly as planned. Will fate (or Homer) get in her way? 


Playdate With Destiny was originally shown in theaters ahead of this year’s Pixar offering Onward. It joins the rest of the Simpsons catalog (which will hopefully stream in the correct aspect ratio sooner than later), including fellow Maggie-centered short The Longest Daycare, which will begin streaming later this month.

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