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The Simpsons’ Groundskeeper Willie finally weighs in on Scottish independence

For many Americans, knowledge of Scottish politics doesn’t extend far beyond Braveheart and a handful of obnoxious Mike Myers characters. But there is more to Scotland than kilted warriors and pop-culture-referencing ogres. In just a few days, Scotland will have the opportunity to vote for or against independence from Great Britain. The independence referendum hasn’t been getting as much play stateside (though John Oliver did lay out the situation in his typically pithy manner), what with the neverending fountain of football atrocities dominating headlines, but it does weigh heavily on one of America’s favorite (fictional, adopted) caretakers.

The Simpsons’ Groundskeeper Willie presents both sides of the debate fairly in a video released by Fox, positioning the referendum as a choice between continuing a tradition of fierce Scottish independence or continuing a tradition of serving the effete wankers who colonized them. Riding a wave of renewed relevance after that marathon, The Simpsons’ greased-up, wolf-fighting, French-class-substitute-teaching groundskeeper expounds on the virtues of independence before throwing his own Tam O’Shanter in the ring. Hopefully, Willie’s video won’t be the last time a Simpsons side character weighs in on current events with far-ranging global implications: Bumblebee Man can speak up for the DREAM Act, for instance, and who better than Poochie to discuss the future of safe, death-free interstellar travel?


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