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The Simpsons goes anime, and it works

Screenshot: Grayson D / YouTube

Cowboy Bebop has one of the most iconic openings in animation, so pairing it with The Simpsons—what’s probably the most iconic series in the U.S.—is a mashup that was more or less inevitable. What elevates this amalgamation to the next level is YouTuber Grayson D’s choice of footage, which could only have been culled by a true fan.

There are stock shots of the main players, for sure, but the mashup flaunts its fandom early on with deep cuts that include Hans Moleman’s football to the groin, a half-naked, sprinting Üter, and Homer slowly backing into a hedge (which has since become one of the most relevant GIFs on the web). “Stupid sexy Flanders” also makes an appearance, as does Hank Scorpio’s backwards jacket.


If this doesn’t satiate your love of both Simpsons and anime, allow us to introduce you to Mr. Sparkle.

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