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The Simpsons will clamber yet again into its annual “Treehouse Of Horrors” this Sunday for spoofs on Jurassic Park, Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, and, intriguingly, The Three Faces of Eve. But it’s next year’s edition that’s bound to make Homer something something, as showrunner Al Jean reveals it will be the show’s 666th overall episode. “As we planned it in 1989!” he cracked. TheWrap confirmed the news with Fox.


The 2019 episode will also be the animated series’ 30th foray into non-canonical horror, which has previously seen the Simpsons clan square off against Devil Flanders, Big Brother Flanders, and Zombie Flanders (“he was a zombie?”).

While the series hasn’t been renewed for a 31st season, it’s hard to imagine Fox would decide to cancel the show now, even with the controversy that sprung up in the wake of its bizarre handling of the Apu controversy, which was something of a nightmare in itself.

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