The much-hyped release of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is only about two short months away now. Expectant fans have probably already seen the film’s teasers and trailers many times over, especially the one in which Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck have a tense conversation at some fancy party while a giddy Jesse Eisenberg cracks wise in the background. If a person were to watch that same trailer over and over again on a continuous loop for, let’s say, seven or eight hours straight, they might start to hallucinate wildly, perhaps imagining that the two famous superheroes were wielding comical props or even interacting with myriad non-DC characters from pop culture. That is the best mindset with which to view Aldo Jones’ self-described “weird” remix of the Dawn Of Justice trailer, as this YouTube clip more than lives up to its billing. While Jones has maintained the audio, running time, and general structure of the original trailer, he has added “wacky” visual touches to virtually every frame of it.

In this rendering, Dawn Of Justice is not a dark, solemn film about two caped crimefighters in conflict. Instead, it is a zany, Hellzapoppin’-style farce with quick throwaway gags that would not be out of place in a yellowing back issue of Mad. Here, Wonder Woman is played by Danny Trejo and uses a pizza for a shield. Clark Kent dons, at various times, clown makeup and Mickey Mouse ears. Batman casually reads a newspaper during a climactic action scene. Characters like Mario, Underdog, and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man drop by for no particularly good reason. It’s utter pandemonium. Even the 1966 version of Batman, as played by Adam West, stops by briefly. What makes all of this especially funny is that Affleck and Cavill still say their lines with the utmost seriousness, totally unaware that they’re appearing in a comedy.

[via Laughing Squid]