Combining two popular pastimes of the bored and/or stoned—digressive late-night TV shows and video games—writer, director, musician, and guy with his hand in a sock Liam Lynch has ported his cultishly adored MTV series The Sifl & Olly to the Internet as Sifl & Olly Game Reviews. The program’s new model more or less functions like the original, with a video-game fixation replacing past sock-puppet obsessions like Axl Rose and “ROCK!” Lest fans suspect that they’re being duped by some flimsy Precious Roy-esque scam, there are already three episodes of Sifl & Olly Game Reviews uploaded to Macinima’s YouTube page, including a preview installment that starts with Sifl staring blankly into the camera for 15 seconds—just like the good ol’ days—before offering little in the way of critiques of video games real or fictional. The newest episode, “Calls From The Gamers” (sadly lacking a variation on the old, infuriatingly catch “Calls From The Public” jingle), debuted on Sept. 16—and since it's online rather than on MTV, you don’t have to change the channel every time your mom peeks her head into the room “just to see what you’re watching.” Just video-game reviews, mom—just crescent-fresh video-game reviews.