(Photo: Getty Images, David McNew-Pool)

In May of 2014, The Shield’s Michael Jace was charged with shooting and killing his wife, with a recent L.A. Times report on his trial saying that he shot her three times (once in the back and once in each leg) before calling 911 on himself. That same report says that Jace believed his wife was having an affair, although there was apparently no evidence to support that, and that his two young sons both “partially witnessed” the shooting. Now, according to Variety, Jace has officially been found guilty of second-degree murder by a Los Angeles jury. Jace’s attorney argued for voluntary manslaughter (a lesser charge) during the trial, claiming that his client had only meant to “hurt” his wife, not kill her, but the prosecution successfully convinced the jury that it was a premeditated attack.

Michael Jace hasn’t been sentenced yet, but that L.A. Times story says “the potential sentence would be 40 years to life in prison.”