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The Sharknado series is coming to an end this summer

Sharknado 5: Global Swarming
Photo: Ernesto Ruscio (Syfy)

They say all good things must come to an end, but apparently that old proverb also applies to things that are bad (or maybe so-bad-they’re-good) because TVLine says that Syfy’s Sharknado series will finally end after this summer’s Sharknado 6. We reported earlier this year that the yet-untitled sequel would involve Ian Ziering’s character traveling through time and riding on Noah’s Ark, fighting Nazis, and running away from dinosaurs in between the regular shark-filled tornado bullshit, which seemed so absurd that it was kind of predictable, so it makes sense that the series would be preparing to wrap things up. After all, there’s not really anywhere else to go once you’ve introduced time travel to your six-movie series about what would happen if sharks got sucked up into a tornado. (Also, the ratings have understandably dipped since the original installment, which is probably the real reason Syfy is over this ridiculous franchise.)

Sharknado 6 will reportedly premiere in July, and you can bet Syfy will start promoting it soon with a goofy trailer and some kind of fun hashtag game.


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