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The shadows come alive in creepy short film “Vicious”

It’s late at night, and suddenly that pile of clothes in the bedroom has taken on a menacing appearance; every creek and crack of the floorboards is a sound of impending doom. It’s a familiar situation for many, and it’s used to great effectiveness in the short film “Vicious.” Lydia comes home to find her flat unlocked and the door seemingly left open, and then from there things just get spooky.

Oliver Park wrote, directed, and produced the short film which has some excellent camerawork, with great (and strategic) use of POV shots, that really enhances the creepy factor of the entire 12-minute film. The imagery and jumpscares are particularly well-handled and may even cause a few readers’ pulses to quicken. It’s a clever film that isn’t tongue in cheek or arch, but instead a pure horror experience that gradually mounts the tension until its inevitable finale.


VICIOUS - Award Winning Short Horror Film from Falling Shadows Productions on Vimeo.

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