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The set of the Trainspotting sequel sounds like a totally square party


Danny Boyle’s original Trainspotting movie may be about a bunch of wild drug addicts, but it sounds like being an extra in the sequel—which will be called T2—isn’t nearly as much fun. According to Page Six, the movie is currently filming in Scotland, and the production recently posted an open casting call for “actors aged 18 to 30” to “come dressed for ‘80s night,” with prizes being given for “the best ‘80s costumes.” Unfortunately, though, the notice also says that “no alcohol will be available during filming,” which means that these people will have to be sober while filming a Trainspotting sequel. It’s like asking the extras in a Fast & Furious movie to not crash their cars into each other.

We have no idea what the connection is between T2 and this ‘80s party, but since the movie will be set a decade after the 1996 original, it’ll probably be an in-universe ‘80s party and not a flashback of some kind. Or maybe it’ll be a drug-induced freakout, where Ewan McGregor hallucinates that he’s at an ‘80s costume contest and nobody’s allowed to drink.


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