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The series premiere of Fortitude is streaming on YouTube

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Boasting the same kind of “murder in a small town” premise as Twin Peaks, Fargo, and True Detective—along with its own twist on the vaguely supernatural atmosphere that settles over each of those shows—Fortitude made its stateside debut on Pivot last week. But since Pivot is a cable network as remote as Fortitude’s eponymous Arctic Circle outpost, the series premiere likely bypassed the viewers who’d enjoy it the most: People who like to gather in online spaces and ponder the various clues, conspiracies, and puzzles laid out across the course of a TV series. Maybe you’re that type of person, maybe you just like to keep tabs on Stanley Tucci and Christopher Eccleston—either way, the series premiere of Fortitude is now streaming on YouTube. The video is also conveniently embedded below the text in this post, something that watching and studying this sort of show has taught you cannot be mere coincidence. Either this is a good-faith gesture of service journalism on The A.V. Club’s part, or it’s the first loose thread in a vast conspiracy that goes all the way to the top. (The top of the globe, perhaps? As in where Fortitude takes place?)

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