Once again demonstrating that America lags behind the Asian markets when it comes to innovations in technology and sexual perversion, a sequel to last year’s breakout hit/breakout penis film 3-D Sex And Zen: Extreme Ecstasy is already in the works, with producer Stephen Shiu vowing it will breach a whole new dimension in genital immersion. Yes, 4-D Sex and Zen: Slayer Of A Thousand From The Mysterious East will, as its title suggests, at last give the mysterious East what’s coming to it, but more importantly it will feature “4-D” effects—namely, the addition of vibrating seats that will replicate the feeling of sexual intercourse, specifically that part where it feels like your ass is on a vibrating spring. And here we Americans are, stuck in our backwards, ape-like existence, still using our hands to masturbate at the movies. At this rate we’re never going to catch up. [via Movieline]