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The secret to Connie Britton’s amazing hair is feminism

Photo: Connie Britton

Connie Britton (a.k.a. Rayna Jaymes, a.k.a. Tami Taylor) has the hair that launched a thousand YouTube tutorials. And in a new sketch for The Representation Project, she’s finally revealing the secret to her gorgeous locks: Feminism!

The video is part of #AskHerMore, a campaign to get red carpet interviewers to ask women about their projects and careers, not just their outfits. Or, as Britton puts it, “It’s not what’s on my head. It’s what’s in it.”


Britton name drops the many concrete achievements the feminist movement has made from the 19th Amendment to Roe v. Wade to Title IX to the Violence Against Women Act. Then the video “warns” that the side effects of feminism can include stuff like closing the wage-equality gap and ending gender-based violence. It’s a clever concept kept to a brisk 1:12 in length, a time that should serve as a shining example to all future viral videos.

Britton’s Nashville co-star and Broadway icon Laura Benanti wrote and directed the video and pops up in the end as a woman unsure if she needs feminism. Thankfully, Britton sets her straight with a quick, “Trust me girl, you do.”

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