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The secret diary of Twin Peaks’ Laura Palmer is becoming an audiobook

The brand of haunting, sexually explicit first-person literature you like is going to come back in style. In the lead-up to the return of beloved cult hit Twin Peaks, a bevy of related pop culture projects are returning to shelves, as well. And chief among these, Screenrant reports, is a new version of The Secret Diary Of Laura Palmer. An audiobook edition of the series tie-in novel is being released by Audible, and it will be voiced by Sheryl Lee, the actor who portrayed Laura Palmer in both the TV show and Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.

The Secret Diary, which was written by writer-director David Lynch’s then-22-year-old daughter, Jennifer Lynch, had initially functioned as a key part of the first season plot, with characters scouring the dead girl’s journal for clues as to who had killed her. The book covers Palmer’s life from age 12 to 17, and is filled with more graphic sex, drug use, and disturbing abuse than a double edition of Go Ask Alice and Flowers In The Attic combined. It even came with certain pages pre-ripped out, to lend veracity to the feel of the release. Supposedly, Jennifer Lynch was the only other person besides David Lynch and series co-creator Mark Frost who knew the identity of Palmer’s killer from the beginning. Presumably, however, she did not know James would have a super-boring affair subplot in season two. The series returns May 21 on Showtime, and the audiobook version of The Secret Diary Of Laura Palmer can be pre-ordered now.


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