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The second season of Cosmos is probably going to be delayed, for depressingly predictable reasons

Photo: Fox (Getty Images)

In news that won’t come as much of a surprise for those who’ve been following the allegations of sexual misconduct levied against host Neil deGrasse Tyson last year, Deadline is reporting that it’s looking like the second season of Fox and Nat Geo’s Cosmos, titled Possible Worlds, almost certainly won’t arrive by its previously announced March 3 premiere date. Both networks announced last year that they intended to launch investigations into the accusations made against Tyson, which range from allegations of harassment and other misconduct to one accusation of sexual assault.

Nat Geo (which co-broadcasts the Carl Sagan-inspired science series with Fox) previously pulled Tyson’s talk show Star Talk off the air in the wake of the accusations. For his part, Tyson made a statement last year in which he noted that he welcomes investigations into his conduct, while also confirming that several of the incidents of misconduct occurred, but that he hadn’t realized that he’d made the women in question uncomfortable at the time. He also explicitly denied the assault allegation. BuzzFeed later reported an expanded version of the story, including interviews with all four of the women bringing accusations against him.


According to Deadline, Fox and Nat Geo’s investigations into Tyson’s conduct are ongoing, and they’re unwilling to move forward on the popular series until a conclusion has been reached.

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