Screenshot: Periscope

Whatever the opposite of a red carpet is, that’s what the people of Seattle rolled out for Infowars’ resident “performance artist” Alex Jones when he took to the streets of their city to opportunistically pretend to care about the victims of last week’s terror attacks in Spain to make some sort of ill-conceived, poorly argued Islamophobic point. There’s some debate over whether Jones hired actors to provoke him on the street in order to advance the “we’re the real victims here” narrative being pushed by the right, but if he did, wow did he make himself look like an idiot in the process.

The first two minutes of the video are practically unbearable as Jones rants about how the wording of USA Today headlines are personally attacking him, but things pick up 2 minutes and 20 seconds in, as this self-proclaimed alpha male is so bothered by a clearly bemused young man who flips him off on the street that he chases him for half a block. ”You’re an intellectual dumbass who watches mainstream media,” Jones yells as the guy walks away, laughing. Next up is a man since identified as Jake Stratton, a local wrestler and heavy metal singer, who throws “hot coffee” on Jones in what one could definitely argue is a staged attack.


It’s really kind of pathetic watching Jones wandering around outside Seattle’s famed Public Market muttering to himself about jihadis and George Soros and how he’s locked out of YouTube (okay, that part’s pretty funny), until you remember the hateful lies upon which Alex Jones has built his career. A little coffee on the polo shirt is nothing compared to the despair and grief he’s caused Sandy Hook parents who he continues to insist are paid actors, after all. And speaking of projection: Throughout the rest of the video, Jones repeats that liberals are all deeply unhappy people, and says of the coffee-thrower, “It’s not just [that] he’s fat. It’s the whole goblin-like spirit. That’s why I call them goblins.”

Whether Jones hired the coffee-thrower or not, this response from the Seattle Police Department to questions about whether an incident report had been filed is very real, and pretty hilarious:


You can watch the whole video on Periscope here.

[via Uproxx]