You're no doubt already well aware of what went down at Saturday's Directors' Guild Awards, but per request, here's a recap: The Diving Bell And The Butterfly nominee Julian Schnabel was taking his turn—and his time—at the podium, when a shrill, slurring voice from the audience urged him to "Get on with it!" Prompting a chorus of "well-I-never!" gasps, Schnabel shot a perturbed look into the crowd, asking, "Who said that to me?" Upon (somehow) recognizing the increasingly haggard face of Hollywood's favorite red carpet-crashing trainwreck Sean Young—something probably no one under 30 can do—Schnabel gave the pithy rejoinder, "Have another cocktail!" before wrapping up with, "And why don't you finish my speech darling?" Young was then escorted from the ballroom—her second humiliating forcible ejection in two years—and days later entered rehab.

Scintillating, no? And it gets even scintillating-er when you see it anticlimactically served up on video, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter. You'll need a good pair of headphones to make out Young's now-infamous heckle, but there's no mistaking the familiar sound of her career crashing and burning for the umpteenth time. (Then again, it's not like she had much to lose, as indicated by this CNN headline, which had to reach back more than 25 years to find a recognizable screen credit.)