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As part of a thrilling leap forward in adaptation technology, Harry Potter And The Cursed Child—the play that’s based on the book series—is going to be turned into a book. Not a normal book, though, as that would defeat the purpose of it being a play. However, the script is going to be published in book form this summer to coincide with the play’s debut in London.


Harry Potter And The Cursed Child is a sequel (of sorts) to the original series, and as we explained back in October, it’s about Harry struggling with his soul-crushing office job while his son, Albus, struggles with the fact that his dad is the most famous wizard of all time. Something bad happens that drives the plot forward from that point, but along the way Harry and Albus learn that, sometimes, the real magic is in the love between a father and son (we assume).

The play was partly written by original series author J.K. Rowling, and Reuters says the first edition of the script will be released as a “special rehearsal edition.” Subsequent copies will be edited to reflect the actual final script used in the production of the play, making them less valuable to big Harry Potter fans/eBay. The book version of The Cursed Child will be available on July 31.

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