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The fallout of Fyre Festival, the island-set luxury event that, rather hilariously, turned into Lord Of The Flies for trust fund kids, continues to reverberate more than a year after it first broke the internet. Deadbeat organizer Billy MacFarland was just sentenced to six years behind bars for his role in its collapse, while the adjacent lawsuits just keep pouring in. Following the entire saga has been a trial unto itself, but soon enough we’ll all be experts in this particular flavor of schadenfreude. Why? Because two documentaries on the thing are on the way.

One, a docuseries from Hulu, is slated to premiere next year, but, come January 18, Netflix will offer us our first deep dive into the ordeal. Chris Smith, the brilliant documentarian who made last year’s Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond and the unforgettable American Movie, is behind Fyre, which, according to Netflix, “gives a first-hand look into the disastrous crash of Fyre as told by the organizers themselves.”


Below, check out a brief clip from the documentary and pray to the gods that Smith interviewed Matt “I Put All The Electricity And Energy In My Body To Stop Fyre Fest” Skiba for this thing.

As if this weren’t enough, Seth Rogen and The Lonely Island revealed last year that they’re developing a comedy about an ill-fated music festival. They apparently began working on it before Fyre went down, but it’s likely they’ve kept a close eye on its many, many mistakes.

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