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The Saw series returns with Jigsaw

(Image: Lionsgate)

It’s been over a year since we reported that there were rumors about a new Saw movie floating around, supposedly with the title Saw: Legacy. Now, Lionsgate has confirmed that it’s making a another Saw (the first one since Saw 3D: The Final Chapter a full seven years ago), and it will officially be called Jigsaw. As anyone who has survived the cruel puzzles of the Saw series probably recalls, Jigsaw is the serial killer name used by Tobin Bell’s character in the original movies. So it seems fairly safe to assume that he—or someone capitalizing off of his successful murder brand—will be running a series of twisted games again.

Variety says that Jigsaw will be directed by Daybreakers directors Peter and Michael Spierig, and it will be in theaters on October 27 of this year. You can see the film’s logo above.


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