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Screenshot: Season 44 Blooper Real (YouTube)

Breaking—as in, breaking character because you’re having a giggle fit—has become such a common occurrence on SNL over the last decade that it was given its own tribute song during the 40th anniversary episode. It should come as no surprise, then, that the cast of SNL breaks even more when there isn’t a live audience there staring them in the face. This new blooper reel gives us an idea of just how many ruined takes there were during the pre-taped segments this season and makes us seriously jealous that we can’t have this much fun at work.

Whether it’s because they dropped a line, broke a prop, or slipped and fell in their giant Kool-Aid Man costume, the cast of SNL has no shortage of reasons to laugh. The real highlight, though, isn’t exactly a laugh moment. It’s Aidy Bryant’s look of sheer terror at seeing Seth Meyer’s bald head and goatee as he storms into their bedroom during the ‘Beta Force’ commercial sketch. We certainly can’t blame Bryant for not staying in character through that harrowing ordeal.


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