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The satire is spicy in this pitch-perfect "Hot Ones" parody

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Screenshot: Every “Hot Ones” Episode (YouTube)

We’ve written about the Hot Ones series from First We Feast numerous times and, while each celebrity guest might have their own favorite explicative to throw out while chowing down on spicy chicken wings, the videos all pretty much hit the same beats. The guest acts nervous, host Sean Evans throws out some bizarrely specific questions, the guest gets increasingly distressed, and, at some point, a giant glass of milk appears on the table. A new parody video from YouTuber Scott Cramer hilariously recreates these moments and everything else we’ve come to expect from “Hot Ones” over the years.

It’s not just the exaggerated reactions to hot sauce that Cramer gets right. He’s also got the sound effects, the editing tricks, and Sean Evans’ mannerisms down pat. Don’t be fooled into thinking this video is all fun and games, however, because it’s really just a vehicle for Cramer to explain his conspiracy theory about the nerfing of the final dab, something we’re basically convinced is true now. Of course, if this video gets popular enough, Cramer can be a guest on the real “Hot Ones” and try these diabolical sauces out for himself.


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