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If you’ve seen at least a dozen new movies this year, chances are you’ve probably laid eyes on the cutest dang dog to grace the silver screen since the pupper in John Wick. Her name is Olivia, and with supporting roles in Widows, Game Night, and Insatiable, she’s working just about as hard as Nicole Kidman (and every bit as worthy of an Oscar, in this writer’s humble opinion).


The little white West Highland Terrier is such a hit this year that she was the subject of a profile in The Ringer, in which the author spoke with some of Olivia’s co-stars about working with the adorable pooch. She’s so adorable that she was even able to win over Viola Davis, who admits she was concerned about working with a dog for Widows since she doesn’t own one in real life. “I was [complaining] like, ‘I’ve gotta work with a dog. What if the dog licks me? Dogs are nasty and disgusting,’” says Davis, who clearly does not give a fuck. But after meeting Olivia, Davis reveals, “Within the first five minutes, I’m kissing the dog, I’m holding the dog, the dog was on my chest. I love that dog, and she came to me so easily.”

Jason Bateman, who had the honor of co-starring with Olivia in Game Night, shared similar praisethough he totally misgendered the pooch. “He was pretty easy, he didn’t talk that much,” said Bateman. He went on to describe Olivia’s approach to her craft, explaining that “He was pretty serious about what he was doing. He was nervous. He peed on the set. He had a real weak bladder on him. But he did hit his mark and was there on time. And didn’t complain that much.” Clearly, Olivia is much more professional than Bateman’s Arrested Development co-star Jeffrey Tambor.

In addition to Game Night and Widows, Olivia also appears in the Netflix series Insatiable. If you’d like to cast her in your upcoming project, she can be found under “Medium Dog” on the Animal Casting Atlanta website. You should probably act fast, though, because this very good girl’s star is on the rise (along with, presumably, her pay grade).

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