Coffee And Cigarettes

Continuing his trajectory towards film and away from increasingly mediocre or unobtainable Wu-Tang collaborations, The Hollywood Reporter brings word that the RZA will be helming the thriller Breakout for Amasia Entertainment.

Disappointing fans craving a movie about the Atari brick-breaking classic of the same name, this Breakout centers on a photographer who runs afoul of the law while traveling in Bangladesh. After being framed for drug trafficking, the photographer’s well-to-do father sends two friends to spring his son loose, and to find out who is behind the arrest. If the friends are successful, father and son are reunited, cruising away to international waters as the stymied Bangladeshi authorities shake their fists from the shoreline. If the friends fail, at least his son will have somebody to talk to while spending the rest of his life rotting in a third-world prison.


The RZA will be directing a script from Richard and Nicole D’Ovidio, the screenwriting team of who brought us the forgettable The Call. It also marks the third time that Bobby Digital heads behind the camera. His first film, Man With The Iron Fists, was an absurdly literal, thoroughly enjoyable homage to the glut of old Shaw Brothers kung-fu flicks that inform the Wu-Tang’s mythology. He’s also working on the in-production Coco, which is about a rapping college student, or a collegiate rapper, or something.