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The Russo brothers screen Captain America: Civil War for “Chris Evans”

Illustration for article titled The Russo brothers screen iCaptain America: Civil War/i for “Chris Evans”

These are boom times for directors Anthony and Joe Russo. The Cleveland-born siblings have already helmed one massively successful Captain America film, 2014’s The Winter Soldier, and they have another one, Civil War, scheduled to open on May 6. Plus, they have two Avengers films—both halves of the Infinity War saga—already on the docket for 2018 and 2019. But with high-profile gigs like these come all the attendant pressures and headaches. To illustrate this point, the brothers Russo have posted a video to their Facebook account in which they wait nervously outside an editing room while star Chris Evans watches a cut of Captain America: Civil War for the first time. “It’s a very stressful moment for directors,” explains a somber Anthony, “to show the star the movie for the first time, so keep your fingers crossed.”

But all that worry seems to have been for naught. Once inside the room, they encounter a bearded, T-shirt-clad man with a flat, cardboard Captain America mask and a decent looking shield, and he absolutely loves the film. On close inspection, however, this mystery man does not seem to be the movie star or even a passable lookalike. Nevertheless, his enthusiasm for Civil War is palpable. “The story’s amazing. The characters are compelling. The action is unlike anything I’ve ever seen,” he enthuses. He talks uncannily like an advertisement for the film. Pressed to name his favorite part of the experience, the ersatz Evans does not hesitate: “Paul Rudd.”

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