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The Russo brothers find yet another comic book to turn into a TV show

(Photo: Valiant Universe)

In the film world, the Russo brothers operate in the comic-book mainstream, but it seems that on television they are angling to tackle the genre’s more obscure properties. According to The Wrap, Anthony and Joe are producing an adaptation of Valiant Entertainment’s Quantum And Woody for television. The comic follows a pair of adopted brothers who get into the superhero business after their father’s murder and a “life-altering scientific accident.” This comes after news broke in July that the Russos were working on a television adaptation of Image Comics’ Deadly Class.

Writers Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari—who have their Marvel bona fides thanks to their involvement in the upcoming Ant-Man And The Wasp—are on board for the pilot of Quantum And Woody, and are joining the Russos and others as executive producers. But as the Russos quietly plot a small-screen empire, they also have to finish directing Avengers: Infinity War, which is currently underway.


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