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The Russo brothers celebrate Civil War’s success with (a show about) weed

(Photo: Getty Images)

Captain America: Civil War had a predictably lucrative weekend, and now Deadline is reporting that its directors, Joe and Anthony Russo, are going to take some time before their next Marvel movie to get really into smoking pot—or at least a TV show about smoking pot.

According to Deadline’s story, the Russos will be executive producing an untitled comedy show for Showtime that centers on “a larcenous family of pot dealers” who have to adapt to a new reality “when their illegal enterprise suddenly becomes legal in their home state.” The show comes from comedian Moshe Kasher (who wrote for Zoolander 2) and writer Zach Cregger (a member of The Whitest Kids U’Know), but it sounds like the Russos themselves won’t be too deeply involved. After all, they’ve still got a few more Avengers movies to direct before they can go back to working on stoner-friendly TV shows full time.


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