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The Runaround adds fresh victims for J.K. Simmons’ rage


As we’ve previously noted, getting yelled at by J.K. Simmons is something of a rite of passage in Hollywood these days. (Just ask rising star Miles Teller.) Next in line for the full treatment is Emile Hirsch, fresh off a real-life shoutfest of his own, in the upcoming film The Runaround. Hirsch might get at least a little relief from Simmons’ forehead vein though, as the cast has been expanded to include Jon Daly, Taran Killam, Hunter Parrish, Analeigh Tipton, and Shannon Woodward, and already has Kristen Schaal on board.

The film follows Simmons’ character, a “globetrotting workaholic father” who discovers his daughter is missing while trying to visit her on a last-minute layover in Los Angeles. As semi-absent fathers are apparently wont to do, he enlists the help of—a.k.a. forces—her nervous ex-boyfriend (Hirsch) to find her “over the course of one increasingly crazy night.” Presumably, Simmons pauses his long-winded tirade at Hirsch here and there so he can keep the rage fresh with diversified jabs at members of the supporting cast.


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