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The Roots' ?uestlove preparing "supergroup" with Amy Winehouse

Although ?uestlove is already plenty busy—releasing The Roots’ best album in many years, performing nightly on Jimmy Fallon’s show, and, if the commercials for Microsoft’s recently scrapped Kin phone are to be believed, playing lots of surprise shows in the park—he’s somehow still making plans to do a bunch of other stuff. The drummer/creative director has already announced that the group plans to follow up its recent detour into indie-rock collaborations by getting together on a John Legend album, and now he’s telling Spinner that he’s hoping to form a “supergroup” with [plug in synonym for “troubled” here] retro-soul singer Amy Winehouse:

“It’s definitely going to happen—it's just that we have to work overtime to get her visa situation together. The closest she can come to the States is Jamaica. I'm actually going over [to Europe] this week—I'll be in France for four, five days, so I'll see if she's up for discussing this over dinner. We've been Skype-ing the shit out of each other."

Yes, we’re sure Amy Winehouse would be recording that album today if it weren’t for all the troublesome red tape.

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