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The Romney transition website provides a glimpse of what could’ve been

Although Tuesday’s election seemed pretty safely in Obama’s hands all night, team Romney accidentally made its post-win website live, giving the world a brief glimpse into a world with Willard Romney as leader of the free world.

Taegan Goddard at PoliticalWire.com grabbed some screen shots while the site was up, complete with a pic of a smiling Romney in front of a waving flag, gazing confidently into the country’s “smaller, simpler, smarter” future. “The 21st century can and must be an American century. The torch America carries is one of decency and hope,” proclaims a quote at the top of the page.


If nothing else, the site was pretty amazing because it had a giant “APPLY ONLINE” link for presidential appointments, along with a list of job requirements (including disclosure of “financial holdings and sources of income”). A separate page for the inauguration notes that January 20th falls on a Sunday this year, so the swearing in would be held in a private ceremony that day, but the actual inauguration would be the following Monday. (That’s more or less Obama’s plan too.)[via Gawker]

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