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Because the world can never have enough  versions of “Brown Sugar,” The Rolling Stones are set to release a new greatest-hits compilation. The three-CD version of GRRR!, out Nov. 13, will contain 50 songs, two of which are brand new and thus markedly worse than the other 48. The four-disc version—because Stones fans who would already buy another greatest-hits set are nothing if not completists—will feature 80 tracks, a hardback book, a 7-inch, a poster, and five postcards, which purchasers can use to brag to their pen pals about how much money they just wasted.


All copies of GRRR! come complete with Walton Ford’s absolutely hideous cover art, which the band has been teasing for weeks now using a smart phone app that lets fans “scan the GRRR! sleeve and watch the stunning imagery come to life in 3D animation right before their eyes,” in case anyone wants to see that gorilla in action.

The new songs, “Gloom And Doom” and “One Last Shot,” mark the first time the band has been together in the studio since completing 2005’s A Bigger Bang. The Stones may tour this fall, though so far only four dates have been announced—two in Brooklyn and two in London—for which the band will reportedly be paid $25 million.

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