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The Rock to get a rematch against earthquakes in San Andreas sequel

San Andreas

In 2015’s San Andreas, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson played the world’s best earthquake rescue guy, a veritable superhero who wouldn’t hesitate to risk his life if it meant saving someone else’s. Once the biggest earthquake ever hits California, though, Johnson leaves all of the actual rescuing to other people so he can run off on a quest to prove to his estranged wife that she shouldn’t marry Ioan Gruffudd. In the end, Ioan Gruffudd gets killed alongside millions of other people and Johnson gets back with his wife, making it one of the tighter happy endings in Hollywood history.

It looks like the earthquake is going to come back for revenge, though, because The Hollywood Reporter says that New Line is now planning a sequel to San Andreas. Neil Widener and Gavin James are writing the script this time around (original writers Andrew Fabrizio and Jeremy Passmore have moved on to Astro Boy), and the plot will reportedly involve the Pacific Ocean’s “infamous Ring Of Fire,” which is an area of fault lines and volcanoes that accounts for “90 percent of the world’s earthquakes.” Johnson, Carla Gugino (his wife), Alexandra Daddario (his daughter), and Paul Giamatti (a seismologist who never interacted with the other characters) are all expected to return.


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