After years of denying his roots by pursuing roles opposite cars and trucks, with the occasional teasing dalliance with mountains and islands, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson may at last face off against some rocks, as he’s in talks to star in an earthquake disaster movie for New Line. Titled San Andreas, the 3-D film—from his Journey 2 director Brad Peyton and co-written by The Conjuring’s Carey and Chad Hayes—would star Johnson as a man who finds himself in the center of a massive quake along the titular fault line and, as dictated by the rules of the modern disaster film, must then do something involving his kids.

In this case, it’s journeying across the quake-ravaged state of California to rescue his estranged daughter, as the crack in the earth provides a constant visual analog for the rift between them that, we’re guessing, has also swallowed up countless innocent men. Along the way, The Rock will come face to face with rocks of various size, which he will then have to defeat in order to move the biggest rock of all: the metaphorical one standing between him and his love for his family. Or, maybe just an actual, giant-ass rock that The Rock will pick up, as the rocks have finally met their match in The Rock. That’s going to be the poster, isn’t it? That’s going to be the poster.