Left: YouTube, Right: Emojipedia

Today, the trailer for the new Jumanji movie was released, revealing a vast new video-game lore and a bunch of zany hi-jinks from the cast, which includes Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Karen Gillan, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The subtitle of the new movie is Welcome To The Jungle, which a few Rock superfans noted was also the title of The Rock’s sub-par 2003 action flick The Rundown until it got changed late in the game. This inspired some good-natured ribbing on America’s favorite forum for good-natured ribbing, Twitter!


Dwayne Johnson, America’s best friend, is an active user of the website, and so he responded accordingly. The man never stops hustling, ushering audiences toward his newest flick. But he wedged in an incredibly strange aside:

This is confusing for a number of reasons. Are some emojis masculine and others aren’t? Who is the arbiter of this character-based masculinity? And most importantly, why would The Rock single out the one emoji that looks the most like him? Does he look at this as competition, or is this secretly some sort of self-loathing buried deep within The Rock’s massive psyche?

Others on Twitter responded by interrogating The Rock’s anti-thinking-face emoji sentiment:


Which inspired Human Emoji the Rock to respond with what are, presumably, extremely masculine emoji:


Eventually, everyone made up, because even when he says some weird shit about the ostensible masculinity of an emoji, The Rock still comes out on top. Jumanji: Definitely Not Like The Rundown comes out December 20, and it’ll turn a profit, because everything The Rock touches does.