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“The Rock Doc” writes a prescription for love on the new Fruit Bats single

Photo: Annie Beedy
Photo: Annie Beedy

Earlier this year, singer-songwriter Eric D. Johnson dusted off the Fruit Bats moniker for Absolute Loser, the first set of new music released under that name since 2011’s Tripper. Evidently, he was energized by reviving the project, because he’s already releasing a follow-up: Easy Sound Recording Co. will release The Glory Of Fruit Bats on November 25. Performed, produced, engineered, and mixed by Johnson in the span of one week, The Glory Of Fruit Bats continues Absolute Loser’s return to twangy, harmonizing form, its unfussy creation reflected in unvarnished ballads like “Stunned One” and heartfelt covers of tracks by Judee Sill, Ted Lucas, and Dolly Parton. (Your next karaoke rendition of “I Will Always Love You” has some stiff competition thanks to The Glory Of The Fruit Bats.)


The most upbeat track on the album, “The Rock Doc” speaks from a place of experience and nostalgia, addressing a “scared cub” (a choice of words that nods to an old Fruit Bats favorite) who’s seeking glory and fame—“or just some girls to talk to.” Over spare country-rock, the song lays out a prescription for not burning out or fading away, ending on a sentiment that could serve as the motto for Fruit Bats’ second act: “Just try to love, and you’ll be loved.”


Here’s the complete tracklist for Glory Of Fruit Bats, which will be available as a limited-edition 150-gram vinyl pressing as part of Record Store Day’s 2016 Black Friday event:

1. “The Glory Of”
2. “Gideon”
3. “Caledoniaphilia”
4. “My Man On Love” (Judee Sill cover)
5. “The Rock Doc”
6. “Garuda”
7. “Stunned One”
8. “I’ll Find A Way (To Carry It All)” (Ted Lucas cover)
9. “Rahula, Years Later”
10. “I Will Always Love You” (Dolly Parton cover)
10. “Dames And Horseman”


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