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The road to Internet stardom is paved with scented candles

Life is strange in the Internet Age. One day you’re just a normal (ish) kid who wants nothing more than to shove your nose into your Soft Blanket and Pink Lady Slipper jar candles from Yankee Candles; the next you’re a budding meme. Godspeed, Yankee Candle Kid… try not to trip over Tay Zonday and the Numa Numa guy on your way to Internet infamy.

Here’s the thing though: Yankee Candle Kid may be the breakout star of the candle-sniffing-on-webcam genre, but he is certainly not the originator. A quick YouTube search reveals that “Yankee Candle Haul” videos are, like, a thing. Now, I can’t deny that uncorking the latest vintage of “Fluffy Towels” or “Midnight Oasis” holds a special joy that appeals to the depressed housewife that lives deep inside all of us; but sharing it via Smell-o-vision-less webcam seems like a fool’s errand. Or a really brilliant marketing gimmick on Yankee Candles’ part. Either way, we all lose.


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