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Screenshot: Super Star Wars Episode IX (YouTube)

If you’re getting tired of all these newfangled Star Wars movies with their expensive visual effects and you wish the series would revert back to something a bit more retro-looking, then we’ve got the trailer for you. YouTuber and animator John Stratman recently uploaded a 16-bit remake of the Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker trailer to remind us that sometimes all you need to get excited about Star Wars is a grainy, pixelated shape of a spaceship and some scrolling text in a dialogue box.

The expertly composed chiptune music courtesy of Amena Kamel helps quite a bit, too. But, really, the ultra-compressed Palpatine laugh right at the very end is what brings it all together. If this video were playing on an arcade cabinet, we’d definitely have trouble resisting the urge to walk up and hit “Start.” Unfortunately, this game will have to exist only in our imaginations, as we assume no one at EA is very interested in making Star Wars look like this.


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