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The right to vote becomes kind of a drag in this Party Over Here exclusive look

Fox is getting ready to premiere Party Over Here, a new sketch comedy show from The Lonely Island that stars Girl Code’s Nicole Byer, Riot’s Jessica McKenna, and Resident Advisors’ Alison Rich. The series, which is executive produced by Paul Scheer, will feature onstage comedy bits as well as pre-taped sketches—and The A.V. Club has an exclusive look at one of those sketches.

In the topical “Suffragettes,” we see McKenna’s character triumphantly declare that with the ratification of the 19th Amendment, women have obtained the right to vote. All but one of the suffragettes appear ready to rock the vote—Hortense Coleridge (Rich) acknowledges the momentous occasion, but worries that she won’t have time during her lunch break to actually participate in the presidential election that pitted Warren G. Harding against James M. Cox. Time constraints and Hortense’s desire to try a new lunch place prove too much for the democratic process, but according to the sketch, she will forever be remembered for coining the cop-out phrase, “Hey…I didn’t vote for him.”


Party Over Here premieres March 12 on Fox.

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